Mind the Gap: Late Boomer America. Over on Atlantic.com, economics blogress Megan McArdle has an interesting analysis of some economic factors related to the Great Boomer Retirement.. No Country for Young Men by Megan McArdle The Baby Boomers’ retirement will change the texture of society in ways we‘ve scarcely begun to contemplate.

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California has the dubious distinction of having the highest marginal tax rate in the nation (13.3%). Couples with income over $59,978 will pay 6%. Pension income is taxable. Expensive: ranked 49th of 51 states and DC for cost of living. Los Angeles housing market.

Baby boomers’ retirement: The country’s biggest and most predictable train wreck June 25, 2016, The News Tribune by Stacy. Read Article. Share this entry. Share on Facebook;. WSJ Readers Voted Maddy a Top Retirement Expert May 22, 2017;

 · According to a BlackRock survey, the average pre-retirement baby boomer (defined as 55-65 years old) has $136,200 saved for retirement.

Some have called baby boomers’ retirement the country’s biggest and most predictable train wreck – it’s 76 million Americans and 70 years in the making. But while there is a lot of gloom.

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 · A decade after 9/11 they came for the baby boomers and basement dwellers: genocide of US & EU residents Oct 12, 2016 – "The baby boomers might just wreck America": "article" alias psy-op illustrates how the stage is being set to terminate the baby boomers.Introductory update notes:

The baby boomers won’t be retiring like their parents did. Some have called baby boomers’ retirement the country’s biggest and most predictable train wreck – it’s 76 million Americans and it has been 70 years in the making.

As a result, Boomers, their employers and the country as a whole are completely and utterly unprepared to pay for their retirement. A Generation in Crisis. A reporter in Kansas may have described the Baby boomer retirement crisis best, calling it "the country’s biggest and most predictable train wreck."

The Pension Train Has No Seat Belts. But in this series, I’m concerned about economic train wrecks, of which I foresee many coming before The Big One which I call The Great Reset, where all the debt, all over the world, will have to be “rationalized.” That probably won’t happen until.

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