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Fight for city funds is heating up in Sacramento. Where should Measure U money go? This post was originally published and is credit to this site.

The fight over diesel fuel is heating up. public health advocates are battling it out with the construction industry over new rules that were supposed to start in 2012, but have now been pushed.

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Sacramento city officials face what you’d think would be a happy task in the coming weeks. Thanks to November’s voter-approved Measure U sales tax, they now find themselves with $52 million to parcel out to what they deem worthy causes, projects and city services.But where there is money, there are fights.

Measure U is a general tax, and the revenue it produces goes in the City’s General Fund and can be used for any municipal purpose. mayor darrell Steinberg and members of the Sacramento City Council have said new Measure U funds could be used to build and bolster an inclusive economy, grow jobs and provide housing that is affordable to all.

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Prepared by sacramento city attorney Measure Y has been placed on the ballot by the Sacramento City Council. Measure Y, if approved, would enact an ordinance that amends the City of Sacramento’s existing business operations tax for certain marijuana-related businesses and establishes a special fund in the city, to be known as the children’s fund.

Edison has argued the state should work toward putting 7 million electric cars on the road and converting 30% of homes and businesses to electric space and water heating. save money from reduced.

Tom Hanks in Indianapolis to support military caregivers  · Hidden Heroes campaign to bring Tom Hanks and Elizabeth Dole to Indianapolis. Posted 11:00 am, May 17, 2019. Speakers will be highlighting what Americans can do to assist military caregivers.

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The drought may be over – for now. However, conservation in Sacramento remains a way of life. Why? This summer, the City of Sacramento is continuing its two-day per week watering schedule even with.

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