Reggae Caribbean Cookout Gimme A Buss Open Mic + authentic Jamaican Street Food! Published by admin On July 2, 2018 Reggae Caribbean Cookout sponsored by VP Records and GreenSleeves Records has been transporting patrons to the Caribbean in Birmingham’s only regular street food event dedicated to Jamaican food and music.

The Reggae Caribbean Cookout In the scheme of things, 2,000 does not seem like an insurmountable sum of money to establish a food project that also benefits the community. So I’m wishing street food trader Mr Jerk the best of luck in his endeavour to find a new home for his Reggae Caribbean Cookout.

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Reggae Caribbean Cookout is pleased to announce that VP Records the pioneer record label in the music industry will be sponsoring this year’s events. VP Records was started by husband and wife team Vincent and Patricia Chin in 1979. Today VP Records is the world’s largest Reggae company.

Reggae Caribbean Cookout returns to the Jewellery Quarter for a Bank Holiday Special. Birmingham’s street food trader Mr Jerk will be serving authentic Jamaican cuisine such as curry goat, rice and peas, jerk pork and of course his delicious jerk chicken. There will also be Caribbean vegetarian food options available.

Reggae Caribbean Cookout Come and enjoy a good old jamaican style cookout. Chilled vibes, sweet Reggae music, Jamaican streetfood, Rum Cocktails and arts and crafts all in the heart of the Jewellery quarter Birmingham. Jerk BBQ by Mr Jerk Reggae Caribbean Cookout in Birmingham online tickets.

Reggae Caribbean Cookout – JQ Pop Up jerk centre. 1 – 4 Key Hill Drive, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, England, B18 5NY. Nearest Public Transport. About Authentic Jamaican Jerk BBQ and sweet Reggae music returns to the Jewellery Quarter in 2019. Meal reservations and tickets available at https.

You know there’s gonna be Jerk Chicken at the Reggae Caribbean Cookout. Limited free entry tickets available at:-.

The Reggae Caribbean Cookout will be a venue that gives a space for reggae singers and bands to perform. It will be a specialist reggae venue like no other currently in Birmingham. If your a budding singer you can also perform at open mic.

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The Reggae Caribbean Cookout is a series authentic Jamaican Jerk BBQ events. You can expect dishes such as Jerk chicken, jerk pork, curry goat and roast fish whilst listening to sweet reggae music.

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