He rattled a couple of other chains as well, such as the fact that interest rates are low and will go up. It was one of the clearest and scariest speeches by a central banker I have ever read..

The decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia to leave interest rates at 1.5% today may fuel some speculation that the next move in rates will be up, although not for a long time.

If you look at the market before the latest RBA rate changes. and the best big four bank rates are about 4.4 per cent,’ Mr Tan said. The average home loan in NSW at $437,100 with the higher rate.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) left interest rates on hold today at 1.5%, but indications are that the next move could be a rate hike. The good news is that it may be some time before that.

I would like to think that means QE ending is partially or even largely priced into the gold market. Unfortunately, we won’t know that for sure until the Fed actually. TSX.V)continues to drill and.

Reserve Bank could raise interest rates eight times in two years, according to ex-board member John Edwards. Theorising that the long-term cash rate is about 3.5 per cent – lower than the 5.2 per cent average over the past two decades – and the RBA wants to start tightening in 2018 and reach its goal within two years, that would require four quarter-point increases each year, he said. Rates have been on hold at 1.5 per cent since last August.

But neither are we forecasting an outbreak of inflation from the lower end of the RBA’s target range, as competing forces keep the rate of underlying inflation in check at around current rates. We expect upward pressure on inflation to come from a turnaround in wage growth and a fall in the exchange rate.

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Target inflation. The RBA meets the cash rate target by adjusting its daily auction of loans to the banks. These loans, usually for the term of a month or two, are used by the banks to settle payments between themselves, and between themselves and the RBA. The inflation target, enforced by the cash rate target,

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