Total baby boomer student debt: $2,489,550,000 With a median debt amount per borrower totaling just $11,833, North Carolina is one of the few states that actually saw improvement on its overall.

This problem of measuring workers and incomes over time has been. Instead, debt seems to be more connected to student loans and auto debt.. around 20 percent less than baby boomer households in 1989 and nearly.

Baby boomers and student debt – the problem no one is talking about. The number of older Americans with student debt is growing faster than any other age group, according to the CFPB, and it appears they’re struggling. Nearly 40% of federal student loan borrowers over age 65 are in default, the report noted.

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s been decades since college and still too many baby boomer are drowning in debt from a student loan. People 60 years and older are the fastest growing age group for.

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More Baby Boomers Are Drowning In Student Loan Debt-And No One Knows How Bad It Will Get It’s not just a millennial problem. student loan debt increased eightfold among Americans aged 60-64 in.

Fact 6: As college enrollments grow, more students rely on loans to pay for.. non-Hispanic white, around twice the share of the Baby Boomer generation when they were.. stems from a classification issue, whereby those in college classify .

Problems that were mostly created by none other than the "baby boomer" generation. Yeah, you know who you are. You’re tanned and healthy and living way past average life expectancy.

Example #1: Baby boomers were against the war in Vietnam in the 60’s, but SUPPORTED the war in Iraq in the 2000’s. Example #2: baby boomers are the main reason for the problems in the world today. Example #3: Baby boomers are bitter because they are now seniors.

Student Loan Debt Now Big Problem for Baby Boomers. Overall student debt more than doubled to $1.3 trillion over that period. According to the student loan debt clock, the total level of student loan indebtedness stands at over $1.4 trillion today. The federal government backs most of that debt. In other words, the taxpayer is ultimately on the hook.

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