We value this intersection of our young adult children exploring and growing their careers even while Coleman and I reinvent our retirement to look more like an adventure. Too many baby boomers and their adult kids feel separated by the technological generation gap, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

But unfortunately, a large chunk of workers in their late 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s continue to put their retirement at risk. In fact, 41% of Gen Xers and 42% of baby boomers have yet to. the future.

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The neighborhood is mostly black. The homebuyers are mostly white. How a government program blocked black people from buying homes. The most desirable neighborhoods were exclusively white.. and which were not, the government set up the Home Owners Loan Corp. in 1933.

Baby boomers are reinventing their careers as many work past the traditional age of retirement. Reasons for working past age 65 include not being able to afford retirement and needing income or.

While divorce rates for younger Americans may be declining today, statistics for Baby Boomers continue to rise. The impending.

The generation that lived through Woodstock, Watergate and 12% mortgage rates has a history of breaking the rules. Here’s a look at eight ways they are changing the face of older living in America.

And he’s continuing the evaluate further changes, as he believes all senior living providers should be doing. “We’re evolving.

Self-employed workers have an estimated median retirement savings of $71,000, while self-employed baby boomers have an.

Millions of Americans, specifically baby boomers. retirement income,” says Stephanie Genkin, CFP®, founder of My Financial.

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Jim’s training "Working With Boomers to Reinvent Retirement" was thought-provoking, stimulating, jam-packed with solid content and the most convenient training delivery system ever. I enrolled in this training to receive 15-hours toward my BCC renewal. Receiving the 15-hours would have been enough -we all know how deadly most CEU.

Housing Outlook Remains Weak While Labor Market Stays Strong Overall, despite weakness in housing, the economy continues to be supported by a tight labor market, rising incomes, solid balance sheets, and reasonably high levels of consumer confidence.

This is how boomers are reinventing retirement living. 26% of client firms that build and redevelop properties for seniors says they believe boomers will be most concerned with living in.

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