A candidate running for north carolina insurance commissioner was the subject of a fraud investigation by the current commissioner’s office that led to criminal charges that were ultimately.

With 11 candidates, the race to become Georgia’s next insurance commissioner is among the most crowded on the ballot. Nine Republicans, one Democrat and one Libertarian are vying for this down.

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DAYTON, Ohio – A former Dayton city commissioner and a current city official are facing federal charges of fraud and public corruption. Higgins is charged with filing a fraudulent insurance claim.

Referrals on suspected insurance fraud are handled by the California Department of Insurance (CDI) Enforcement Branch and may be prosecuted as a felony. The punishment for committing insurance fraud ranges from probation, fines, community service, restitution, confinement in county jail and/or state prison.

ATLANTA – The Carroll County District Attorney is reviewing a year-old arson of an Insurance Commissioner candidate’s property. A rental property belonging to Jim Beck was torched last March, says.

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Call the North Carolina Department of Insurance toll-free at 855-408-1212 if you have questions about any kind of insurance. The Department of Insurance has trained experts who can answer questions about health, life, Medicare, homeowners, auto, disability, long-term care, dental, vision and other types of insurance coverage.

In 2014, Insurance commissioner wayne goodwin announced that Charlotte construction company owner Ronald Pierce had been arrested on 108 fraud charges. Now Pierce has filed to run for Goodwin’s.

First, though, they are distancing themselves from the current commissioner, gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine, who is facing ethics charges. insurance companies and small-loan companies;.

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AIG reinsurance fraud charges News. Greenberg Should Face Trial as ‘Deterrent,’ Says New York State.. California Deputy Insurance Commissioner’s Role Tackling Climate Change Listen Now.

New Data Shows Insurance Is Becoming Harder to Find as a Result of Wildfires; Marina del Rey dentist arrested for identity theft in life insurance fraud scheme; Department of Insurance wins 20-year court battle against Mercury Insurance as Supreme Court Denies Insurer’s Petition, upholding historic $27.6 million fine

Some of these crimes involve automobiles, boats and heavy equipment; others involve health care fraud. The Fraud Investigations Division also investigates regulatory and administrative allegations of violations of the insurance code, and thereby assists the department’s Legal Division in protecting Georgia insurance consumers.

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