Life insurance proceeds may be tax-free, depending on what proceeds you or your beneficiaries receive. life insurance protects your family from your financial debts and obligations after you die by providing a death benefit, but it also may be used for business purposes to compensate a company for the loss of a key person in the company.

Usually, when a person receives insurance proceeds from a life insurance policy due to the death of the insured person, the payout isn’t taxable, and you aren’t required to report it as income.

DEAR BRUCE: My husband recently passed away and left me about $70,000 in life insurance proceeds. I have an IRA mutual fund account for $100,000 from which I take a minimum yearly distribution. I also have about $7,000 in stock. I am 78 years old and receive $1,500 net in Social Security benefits.

 · The best thing to do with life insurance proceeds is to sit with a trusted advisor. If you don’t know one personally, start with friends, family and co workers for their experiences. Absolutely debt should be repaid but also the money will need to be properly invested in order to use it as a steady stream of income to replace your loved one.

Life Insurance and Annuity Proceeds An insurance policy or annuity is a contract between the company that sold it and the person who bought it. As a result, the proceeds don’t go through the probate process (see How the probate process works: Information for Executors ), and the executor isn’t in charge of them.

(1) An insurer shall pay the proceeds of any benefits under a policy of group life insurance insuring the life of any person who was a resident of this state at the.

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This way, the life insurance proceeds can be used by the beneficiary, but the. the start of the process, and rarely do claims take more than 60 days to be paid.

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With long-term disability, though, I can still receive some income. It’s a scary thought, because I can’t exactly ask my aging parents for money and was not born wealthy, and I don’t currently have.

While life insurance proceeds that are paid to a beneficiary are tax free, any interest received off investments of those proceeds are taxable. Looking at state specific municipal bonds can be a great way to remain conservative with your investments and generate income for yourself that is exempt from those taxes.

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