The idiom meaning to manage to get along with the means available is make do, not make due. Make do is short for make [something] do well enough, where do carries the rare sense to serve a specified purpose.So this do is similar to the one used in sentences such as, "I could use a cup of coffee, but tea will do."

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But that doesn’t make sense. You’ve been training your hands to perform precise. and then trace that line back to where your ball is at rest. Once you do that, it’s time to make your new hands-on.

Shann’s wits quickened as he tried to make sense of what he could remember. It’s a matter of translating them into constants that make sense. He’d gone back to sleep while he tried to make sense of things. Except, of course, a way to make sense out of the whole thing. But even supposing this was true, it all still failed to make sense.

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make sense. 1. Be understandable. This usage, first recorded in 1686, is often used in a negative context, as in This explanation doesn’t make sense. 2. Be reasonable, wise, or practical, as in It makes sense to find out first how many will attend the conference.

"Does that make sense?" has become so pervasive, it joins the ranks of fillers, empty words that surround and diminish meaningful words, just as weeds diminish the beauty of roses in a garden.

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I have always been saying "that makes sense", is this correct?. "That makes sense" or "That make sense"? I have always been saying "that makes sense", is this correct? 2 following . 0. Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No.

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make sense meaning: 1. to be clear and easy to understand: 2. Someone who makes sense is reasonable or shows good judgment: . Learn more.

Make sense definition: If something makes sense , you can understand it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples