· Given the importance and breadth of facial recognition issues, we at Microsoft and throughout the tech sector have a responsibility to ensure that this technology is human-centered and developed in a manner consistent with broadly held societal values. We need to recognize that many of these issues are new and no one has all the answers.

. on the subject of an IBM facial recognition project that would allow police to. Today, you won't even find Microsoft among the ranks of the Top 5. (and should not) rely on the government to step in and regulate this issue.. that are looking to start their own online dating sites (or just want a ton of data).

Microsoft wants facial recognition to be regulated, cites government surveillance. It’s clear that, with recent events such as the separation of immigrants in the United States, and the outcry from the public, tech companies, and employees of tech companies, that work is needed in the field of facial recognition.

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Rivals to Amazon's service include Microsoft's facial recognition api, IBM. Today, facial recognition systems are lightly regulated and are not audited for misuse.. To train that system, the team building the program wants to capture. out of the bottle – and it may be too late for you to own your own face.

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Microsoft Hololens uses "holoportation" to beam a 3-D image of the wearer to someone elsewhere.. Facebook Loses Appeal In Facial Recognition Lawsuit. 1: 13 A woman. Australian Watchdog Releases Suggestions To Regulate Tech Giants. Schumer Wants FaceApp Investigated Over Russian Ties.

Microsoft calls on Congress to regulate face recognition. Microsoft wants the U.S. government to start thinking about what limits should be set on the. use of face recognition while it explores what its own policies should be.

At CES 2019 this past January, Microsoft. why aren’t there more solution providers in the U.S.? One reason is the fear of.

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In context: Microsoft has been advocating for regulation of facial recognition. facial recognition software and government agencies that want to use it.. The company's own engineers were not able to reproduce their findings.

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